Matrix Bait Bander & 30 Bands

Enables you to put all types of pellet shape baits into a band.

Easy to use

Unlike other banding tools - it does not need an additional band to make it work

EDGES™ Fluorocarbon Fused Leader - 30lb

Fused fluorocarbon with a plastic outer coating

Offer abrasion resistance and also aid concealment

75cm long, 1 leader per packet

Supplied with Edges Kwik Change Swivels in size 7 

30lb breaking strain

Non-glare, anti-spook finish

EDGES™ Exocet Controller Float - Medium

Stubby shape designed to reduce diving on impact with water

Features flat faces to increase the bolt effect and improve hooking.

Removable body allows easy changing of controller sizes.

Supplied with Standard swivel and Kwik Change with micro sleeve option

EDGES™ Zig Aligna Fluoro Kit

We have a new multi-pack that comes supplied with Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Orange and Fluoro Yellow Zig Alignas (two of each) plus matching fluoro HD Foam (1 length of each) and of course one of the handy Loading Tools.

EDGES™ Tungsten Rig Putty

Power Grip Tungsten Rig Putty can be easily moulded in all weather conditions and hardens enough to withstand extreme casting.

This high density putty is perfect for pinning down hooklink materials, tubing and counter balancing pop-ups.

Sticky Baits Krill Shelf Life & Freezer 

Perfect nutrition created 130 million years ago…the not so humble krill is the namesake of this extremely successful fishmeal-based bait range. The Krill has yet again been tailored to suit a carp’s dietary requirements through a blend of the freshest, high-quality fishmeals, milk proteins and birdfoods available on the planet! A bait that perhaps has the best track record in recent history.

Crafty Catcher Fast Food Boilies 

The unique make up of Crafty Catcher Fast Food boilies gives the serious Carper a bait that works fast on any water and yet delivers a nutritionally balanced diet that Carp accept as natural food and keep coming back for again and again.

We use low level nature identical flavours and combine them with natural food ingredients that switch Carp on to feed, including soluble fish protein, low temperature fishmeals, brewers yeast, salmon oil and betaine. 

The full ingredient declaration on each pack shows the stunning profile of Crafty Catcher Fast Food boilies and how they will help to improve catch rates and put bigger fish on the bank.

Preston Innovations ICS Inline Dura Banjo Feeder

As part of the ’Inter Change System’ the Dura Banjo Feeder allows the angler to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig. Two different stems are supplied as standard, use the standard one for short to medium casts and longer version when casting further as the increased tail length will stabilise the feeder in flight. The stem then remains on the line allowing the feeder to be changed quickly and easily via the centrally located groove.

The Dura Banjo and ‘Inter Change System’ also protect your rods when packed away, simply remove your feeder and wind in any slack line until the tail rubber rests against the tip ring of your rod. No more inline feeders damaging your rod blank in transit.

Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Pellets

Every carp angler knows how devastating a Tiger Nut can be – harnessing the natural goodness of a Tiger Nut in a boilie is a formidable challenge. With the help of some top anglers and bait developers we believe we have developed probably the best non-fishmeal boilie on the market. Our Monster Tiger Nut boilie is another tried and tested recipe that has stood the test of time and is still catching some awesome fish year after year. Setting the benchmark for nut based boilies this bait is literally crammed with the highest quality tiger nut flour, containing naturally occurring amino acids such as Lysine as well as essential vitamins & minerals. Including natural tiger nut milk with our special all season attractants, (from the ice cream industry) and adding a unique and exclusive vanilla ‘feed inducing palatant’ to the flour creates a sweet lingering, creamy and nutty taste profile and ensures the bait has a solubility factor to die for.

Tackle Guru & Rive team-up to bring the Special Edition Seatbox!

Tackle Guru and renowned seatbox manufacturer, Rive, have teamed-up to develop and release a Special Edition Guru-Rive ST Pack Seatbox package, which is available now!

Rive have long-standing expertise and experience in seatbox manufacturing, and Tackle Guru have been keen to get involved in such a project for some time. There is a limited number of the Guru-Rive Seatboxes being produced, each having personal touches and many enhanced features. The latest boxes are available from all Guru stockists in the UK, and they are also available on the continent.

Rive’s UK General Manager, Amer Jawad, was thrilled on the project go-ahead and said:

“When Tackle Guru expressed an interest in a seatbox project with us, we couldn’t say no. However, we needed to make sure that we did something extra special. We were keen to hear of any added features or improvements that their team had for us, so we could apply them to the Special Edition packages.

“One of the latest features is a new patented Open-Leg Brackets. These are made and patented with new stainless inner parts that will not rust or miss-shape. We have addressed any past issues with the Open-Leg Brackets and produced these latest versions.

“This up-to-date box also has top quality Marine Ply under the seat cushion, that cannot warp and is completely waterproof, while being resilient to movement and pressure. The draw fascia have also been changed to aluminium for durability and longevity, with the handles strengthened and ribbed.”

Crafty Catcher Munga Juice

Sticky, gloopy and super-sweet liquid foods. Adds instant pulling power to spod mixes. Use with particles, pellets and stick mixes. Will enhance any baiting situation. PVA friendly. 500ml bottle.

Dynamite Baits X-tra Active Stick Mix

A ready to use, PVA friendly stick mix which comes in three flavours – Spicy, Sweet & Nutty and Fishmeal.

Full of stimulants and attractants the mixes are super active and contain feed ingredients to draw fish into your swim by creating an attractive cloud.

Designed for creating solid and mesh PVA bags but can also be used directly in a swimfeeder or spod/spomb mix if required.

650g re-sealable tubs

Leeda Rogue Bite Alarms

One touch volume control, Blue LED, Compact, Isotope fixing points.

Only £8.50 each or 3 for £20.00

Sonubaits Oily Floaters

Oily Floaters are subject to a special process, making sure each individual pellet holds a large amount of oil and will leak off fish-attracting flavours into the water for prolonged periods of time.

This gives you a distinct edge over standard floating pellets or mixers.

The Oily Floaters can be easily hair rigged allowing you to match your hookbait to your free offerings.

Slightly heavier than standard floating pellets, these can be catapulted further into the lake!

Preston Innovations ICS In-line Maggot Feeders

The ICS In-Line Maggot Feeders cast exceptionally well due to the weight forward design. We have spent a vast amount of time developing the weight and frame construction, making the feeders as efficient and user friendly as possible.

The loading window can be opened and closed by simply twisting the lid, making the loading process simple and easy. Plenty of holes in the feeder allows for a steady release of bait.

The ICS In-line Maggot Feeders can be easily interchanged with any other ICS product.